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As soon as solar rays enter the greenhouse through the film, they can head towards the plant or be spread or diffused. When light is diffused, the film can look hazed but this does not mean it is less transparent. The PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) received by the plant remains the same.
The diffusing effect is known to have a positive action on the growth of the plant, above all on spring and summer crops in highly sunny areas.
Diffusion reduces shadows, ensures a better spread of the light in the greenhouse so that even the lower parts of the plant are reached, avoids burns and offers a controlled cooling effect. Diffusing films are rather indicated for high crops.

Agripolyane has the know-how which enables to produce more or less diffusing films according to the specific needs of each area and crop :
- Crystal films with very low diffusion (maximal direct light),
- Films with middle diffusion,
- Films with very high diffusion.
The choice of the appropriate level of diffusion depends on the climate of the geographical area, the crop and seasons of growth.

Agripolyane’s team is at the disposal of our customers to define a tailored level of diffusion.

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